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Conditional Sentence

by Unknown , at 5:00 PM , have 2 komentar
Assalamualaikum wr wb. Good afternoon this time I will write an article about the English Language Conditional Sentence. Go see the readings below.

Conditional Sentence

>> Real Condition
 [ If + S + simple present + will/can/must/may + V1 ]
Ex. - If you leave me, I will make you cry
      - If you love me, I will marry you

[ If + S + simple present ] 
Ex. - Jane usually walks to school if she has enough time
      - If you go to the post office, please mail this letter for me

>>Unreal Condition 
[ If + S + simple present + would/could/might + V2 ]
Ex. - IF I had the time, I would go to the cinema with you this weekend

[ If + S + past present + would/could/might + have + V3 ]
Ex. - If we had not less our way, we could have arrive sooner

Similarly, article I am writing about Conditional Sentence. Hopefully helpful, thank you. More or less I'm sorry waalaikumussalam wr wb.

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Conditional Sentence
Conditional Sentence - written by Unknown , published at 5:00 PM, categorized as Bahasa Inggris . And have 2 komentar
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