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Assalamualaikum wr wb. Good evening this time I will write an article about the English Language Comparison. Go see the readings below.


1. Equal Comparison
A. [ S + V + as + adverb/adjective + as + noun/pronoun ]
Ex.- Peter ia as tall as I
     - His car runs as fact as a race car
     - Rina is as beautiful as her mother
B. [ S + V + the same + noun + as + noun/pronoun ]
Ex.- My house is the same height as his
     - I have the same bag as her
     - This exam the same difficulty as her exam

2. Unequal Comparison
| S + V + adj + er + then + noun/ pronoun |
| S + V + adv + er + then + noun/ pronoun |
| S + V + more + adj/adv + then + noun/ pronoun |
| S + V + less+ adj/adv + then + noun/ pronoun |
Ex.- Today is better than yesterday
     - The car is more expensive the a bike
     - Fikri is higher then yolanda

3. Logical Comparison
Ex.- Mark's car run better then mary's
     - My sweing mechine is better the jane's

Similarly, article I am writing about Comparison. Hopefully helpful, thank you. More or less I'm sorry waalaikumussalam wr wb.

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Rahmania Farid
You must run this blog as good as your score at school :)
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Muhammad Fikri
I get this all the material from when my school
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